All Hail Raul Vinci – MDTV Christmas special!


Inspired by the Christmas holiday season, I’ve composed the following poem and am dedicating it to the blue-eyed boy of Indian politics, the future PM of India, the heart throb of millions of loser spinsters and my stepping stone to Padma Bhushan – The one & only Raul Vinci!

(For better effect, sing the following to the tune of this song)

Raul is right, by being left,
His party is calm, His future bright.
All hail Italian mother and Child,
Raul Vinci so fair & wild,
Sleep with at least one piece,
but please spare the priests.

Silent Right, screaming left,
Raul is the only PM candidate in sight.
Sexy girls all over on your chase,
Rumors floating, you in a man’s embrace.
Raul Vinci, do you realize your worth?
Raul Vinci, do you realize your worth?

Memory of a byte, and intelligence slight,
Taking on, the evil right
May you always find a bar.
Hot girls sing ‘I Love you ya’
I rudely wake to the sound of horn,
Realize you’re to the nation, a thorn!


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  1. hehehe.. very nice… Inspired by your blog, i too want to write a few lines…. Here it is.

    Christmas special—

    The Basic tenents of Congis

    1. Raul is the Only Way to Eternal Salvation With Sonia, the mother.

    2. We Are Saved by Grace Through Faith in G- family โ€“ But Not by Works of any Indian citizens.

    3. Rahul is the ONLY hope for India and its ONLY Savior.

    4. The Inherent charismatic and supreme impeccable nature of Raul Vinci

    5. The Doctrine of the Sickularism

    6. The Infallible nature of G- Family.

    7. Indira and Rajiv died for our sins. So everyone should owe to G-family for eternity.

    8. Thou shall not have any other leader before Gandhis.

    9. BJP/RSS/VHP is the work of satan. So eternal hellfire for those who associate with them.

    10. Questioning the infallibility of G- family is a blasphemy. The punishment for such blasphemy is Eternal damnation.

    Daily Prayer (Church style): In the name of Raul, the Lord God of Congis.

    Propitious Son of madam to thee
    With all my soul I bend my knee,
    My wish I send my want impart,
    And dedicate my mind and heart,

    Sing of Raul ! sickulars sing
    Him your everlasting King

    To thee, the congress here rejoice,
    The solemn organs aid the voice:
    To sacred roofs the sound we raise,
    The sacred roofs resound thy praise:
    And while our notes in one agree,
    O! bless the congress that sings to thee.

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