Prince aka Rahul Gandhi on BarkWithBharka


MDTV – Hi Rahul, congratulations on your 40th birthday, and welcome to the show. We are indeed honored to have “Prince” in our studios.

RG – Thanks, and please call me only as “Prince”. The other names are inconsequential.
MDTV – But isn’t ‘Prince’ a title given by the opposition parties to highlight your dynastic origins?
RG – Exactly why I would like to be addressed as such.
MDTV – But that would reflect badly on your publicity, especially in a democratic country as ours. As your mouthpiece, we strongly suggest you not use that title.
RG – India is a democracy?
MDTV – Of course! We have a constitution!
RG – And I have 2 horns. (Slightly irritated) Could we move on, please?

MDTV – What do you think are your greatest achievements at 40?
RG – Well, for one, I’ve turned 40, an achievement hailed by the press rightly so. I’ve also made people believe that 40 is young.
MDTV – Is that all? Surely you must have some concrete achievements to your credit.
RG – Of course, I turned down a ministerial berth in the cabinet.

We’re a little confused now, so we play an ad with 41 pictures of ‘Prince’ and his family. After the break…

MDTV – Talking about current issues, Karan Thapar has said blaming Rajiv Gandhi for letting off Anderson in the Bhopal tragedy is pointless…
RG – Well, yes, Karan Thapar, he’s a good friend. He always advocates for the Nehru family.
MDTV – But we thought he was the Devil’s advocate.
RG – Exactly…

MDTV – People would want to hear you on serious issues.
RG – I have only spoken about serious issues. Eating Roti in a dalit’s house is not a joke.
MDTV – What’s your plan for UP?
RG – (Twisting & turning in his seat) : We plan to build Mayawati statues under NREGA. Win-win for BSP/CONgress.

MDTV – What do you think about your Bihar fiasco?
RG – Biharis must understand that a PM has to think about Gujarat. Even when he is in Bihar.
MDTV – Does it not send signals that you’re not concerned about Bihar’s issues?
RG – Why should I be? Isn’t Bihar ruled by the opposition?
MDTV – But so is Gujarat..
RG – Oops…

MDTV – People accuse you of not having enough knowledge on economy
RG – That’s a lie! I’m a pretty successful economist for a 40 yr old.

MDTV – Why do you think the women’s reservation bill did not go through the parliament?
RG – I assure you, if CONgress was in power, there’s no way the bill wouldn’t have passed.
MDTV – But CONgress was in power! It was CONgress that tabled the bill!
RG – Oops… my bad. I thought you were talking about IC 913 hijacking. Or Kargil. I don’t care. I wanna go home now.

MDTV – Any message to the nation?
RG – The question’s not who, but when.

Thank you, Prince.


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